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Kent C. Dodds - Free Workshops from Epic React course (free)

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What to know before react

Common mistakes


About useEffect hook

About useState hook

Custom hooks

React + TypeScript

Folder structure

Principles for React

Principles for React in Polish

Przeprogramowani - mini-seria ze wzorca State Machine

Slajdy z powyższego wykładu po stronie trzeba poruszać się strzałkami (lewo/prawo).

Fetching data in React

Advices from Dan Abramov (member of React Core Team)

ScreenshotsFirst advice about the React fetching Second advice about the React fetching Third advice about the React fetching

React Context

State Management

React Portals

Error handling

React testing

Performance in React

Memoization in React

useCallback and useMemo


React libraries

Debugging React apps

How React works under the hood




Framer Motion

Polish recruitment materials

Other React materials

Other Polish mateirals